Pet Kiss No Worries - 4 oz bottle


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Soothe Your Pet In Stressful Situations...

Pet Kiss No Worries was developed to naturally take the edge off pets during stressful situations. Simply spray this delicious beef flavored liquid into your dog or cat's mouth to keep them calm and happy.


Soothes Your Pet In Stressful Situations


Calms With A Gentle Blend of Herbs and Vitamins


Contains 100% Natural Chammomile

Our Customers Say...
My standard poodle stresses so bad during storms that I usually have to give her a sedative. I decided to try No Worries and couldnt' believe how calm she became. She actually laid on her bed and chewed treats during one of the worst storms we ever had! Thanks, Pet Kiss! JOANIE ELM, PITTBURGH, PA

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