"Sandy Montrose posted this video of her dog wanting his Pet Kiss Chicken Jerky Treats - right now! LOL!!"

- Sandy Montrose

"I ordered a bottle of your plaque and tarter control and was impressed with the condition of my dog Warner’s teeth in just one week. They were white as the day he was born. I would recommend your product to all my friends."

- C. Williamson - Osceola, IA

"I have 3 elderly chihuahuas that HATE having their teeth brushed and I'm afraid of what anesthesia may do if i have a dental done. A friend recommended the Pet Kiss Plaque & Tartar Control, so I tried it. I could not believe the difference in only a month's time. This product is phenomenal!!"

- J. Cayce - Houston, TX

"My Shih Tzu had the worst breath on the planet!! I honestly didn't brush his teeth often because he didn't like it. I started using the PTC and within a couple of weeks, his breath was a hundred times better!"

- S. Driggars - Chicago, IL

"I noticed that my cat's teeth were getting some tartar build up. The last thing I wanted was to brush my cat's teeth, so I tried this instead. After a few weeks, I noticed a huge difference in his breath and his teeth were so much whiter!!"

- D. Franks - Santa Barbara, CA

"I heard about this product from a professional dog breeder. She gave me a free sample. I was very pleasantly surprised at how effective it seems to be. I will continue to use it."

- J. Lyman - Boothwyn, PA

"It has really saved my dogs teeth and gums. Use it everyday!"

- B. Bee - USA

"Worked Great! - my cat will not let me brush or go near his teeth. Friends have taken their pets to the vet, and they pass away. I found all I had to do was add 1 tablespoon and my cat drank the water no issue, and it seems to be helping. "

- L. Lauren - Texas

"I wasn't sure if this product (Natural Breath Freshener) would work but it's great. The two dogs I have now seem to have bad breath. That's how they came to me when I adopted them from the local shelter. Changing them to a high quality food didn't seem to help so I tried this. When I got the product, I tried a few drops on their tongue and it worked almost immediately. It is simple to put a few drops in their food too. This company ships quickly and it arrives in good shape."

- B. Moore - Minnesota

"I use the dental spray for the pets that have their teeth cleaned by me (Pet Dental Hygienist with Canine Care) and I can't say enough about this product to explain how much I absolutely love it. The biggest reason I use this product is because of how great it works, it keeps the plaque and the tartar off the teeth, how much the dogs love it, and of all the natural ingredients! So many positives. Anyone that is shopping around for a dental spray should look no further....this is the stuff!"

- Julie

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